Wirraway Project

There were 755 Wirraway aircraft built in Australia at Port Melbourne by Australian engineers. The Wirraway was found to be too slow for combat but became a valuable aircraft for training of pilots and as support aircraft in New Guinea during WWII. Most of these aircraft were decommission after WWII and destroyed for parts and the aluminium they contained. This makes Wirraway 722 a rare aircraft.


When Wirraway 722, one of only four airworthy Wirraway in Australia was offer to the community of Nhill, it was agreed that this rare opportunity of major significance to the area could not be ignored. So, it is coming to Nhill.


Wirraway 722 will be maintained to taxiing status but will not remain airworthy once it lands at Nhill. This is a stipulation of the purchase from Borg Sorenson, the man who invested 18 years in rebuilding this pristine aircraft from parts gathered up from all over the country with a lot of parts coming from the Wimmera. Borg wishes this aircraft to remain an example of Australian engineering for generations to come.

Can you help?

We are crowdfunding to assist with bringing this Wirraway to Nhill.

You can contribute at chuffed.org/project/nahcwirraway


Wirraway 722

Wirraways fueling (La Fontaine photo)

Wirraway aircraft being refueled at Nhill